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Become One With the Terrain


Whether you are a thrill-seeker looking for a unique experience or a renowned photographer in search of the just-right light and angles, we can make it happen for you.

You came to see the landscape and to experience the beauty of the canyons and vistas, so leave the tourist buses behind and let us take you to where nature awaits you.




ARAVANOFFROAD provides customized tours to satisfy your outdoors calling. Our goal is to offer you a once-in-a lifetime experience.

It’s the adventure you’ve been longing for. 

Come with us on a journey
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Jeep Tour In Cappadocia

Explore KatpaTUKA



Cappadocia, the land of the beautiful horses, is one of the most beautiful places on earth with its unusual rock formations. What better way to explore her than on our Jeep Tour in Cappadocia.

Our tour will take you through age-old rock formations and allow you to enjoy the spectacularly colored valleys. For history buffs, opportunities abound to explore the mystery and history of the centuries old hand-carved stone churches and fairy chimneys.

With ARAVANOFFROAD our guests enjoy an open air, 360 degree panoramic views of  canyons and hills, as well as ancient churches carved into rock. This memorable and unique experience will stay with you forever.

Join us on a remarkable ecotourism adventure which has it all: history, nature, ecology.


(*) Katpatuka is the old Persian name of the region.


nature calls. will you answer?

Jeep safari


From heights of the hills to the depths of the canyons, and open vistas in between,
let us show you the untrodden Cappadocia.

ecofarm & cooking class


You can combine a Jeep Tour
of our eco-farm with a
private cooking class.

Pick – Prep – Cook – Eat

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Tell us what you envision and we’ll plan and coordinate it to ensure an experience you won’t soon forget.